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Jakub Libík 10/16/2018 · 1192 ·

OCRN-308 Admin: add an option to copy a workspace

In the administration module, in the workspace list, it is now possible to copy a workspace (after right-clicking on the workspace). It is necessary to set new input and output folder for the new copied workspace.


OCRN-344 Line items: add item attributes to the admin module

Attributes for line items are now editable in administration module.


OCRN-487 Automatically create a new template for the document if no template was found

If this feature is switched on and the template for the document is not found, the new template is created for this document (user does not have to create a new template). After document export, a new name for this new template is automatically saved from the document attributes where the option “Use for new automatically created template name” is checked (can be set for more than one attribute). You can switch on this feature in database (it is off by default), table OcrParams, value AutomaticallyCreateNewTemplateIfNoneFoundForDocument.


OCRN-492 OcrParams OverwriteResolution – automatically set DPI of the document when processing the document

In the database, table OcrParams, value OverwriteDocumentResolution, you can set the DPI “standardisation”. If this option is switched on, the processed document is always converted to 300 DPI. By this, the standard input is assured, which can help increase the speed and precision of the template and attribute recognition on sources with variable DPI.


OCRN-498 CustomXML – option to save the result in the database

In CustomXML export, you can now save the result XML in the database (Document table). This XML can be then used for REST API export.


OCRN-506 Client: Money type attribute formatting

In the OCR client, the value of the Money-type attribute is now aligned to right and space is added as a thousand separator.


OCRN-504 Server: if the type-invalid value for int, money or date type attribute is extracted, the default value is saved for the attribute

If the type-invalid is extracted for the attribute of the type integer, money or date, the default value for this attribute is saved instead (if configured).


OCRN-505 Server: save the success rate of finding the attribute

For every attribute, the success rate of finding the value is now saved in the database (value represents the difference between this value and next worse candidate).


OCRN-509 Server: Change in word archiving and deleting words from the archive

Word archiving was changed. Now words are archived for templates with more than 50 documents (last 50 documents are still in the Word table, others are archived). In the archive table, only values for the last 50 documents for each template are saved, others are deleted. This should save a considerable amount of space in the database.


OCRN-519 Export is repeated 3x

In case of error, document export is now repeated three times (it can help in temporary error in connecting to other sources).


OCRN-522 Client: attribute button to display attribute menu was changed to “…”

In the OCR client, the button to display attribute menu is displayed. The button value was changed from an arrow to “…”.


OCRN-525 Translation to Slovak

OCR client and admin module were translated to Slovak.  


OCRN-459 Client: error when switching between multistring attribute and another attribute



OCRN-491 Error in installing FRE 11 if the database is not created



OCRN-500 Admin – profile for a new workspace cannot be saved



OCRN-502 Client: if you click on a locked document without a template, warning about lock is not displayed



OCRN-517 Modification error of VatId for ES

Fixed, modifications for other EU states were changed as well.


OCRN-524 Client: invalid pointer operation error when updating the client