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Jakub Libík 05/21/2018 · 1231 ·

OCRN-455 Finding templates independent on document DPI

Finding templates was changed to be independent on document DPI. It is now possible to process documents from different sources (different document DPI) by one template.


OCRN-198 Line items extraction

The possibility of extracting data from line items was added (requires a license for line items). It is possible to set and edit attributes for line items in admin module for individual workspaces, tab “Item attributes”. It is possible to set modifications and default values in a similar way as for regular attributes. Type validation (number, date) is the same as for regular attributes, it is possible to add more validations to the stored procedure.


OCRN-448 SET attribute for line items

It is possible to add a SET attribute to line items. The new type is “fixed set” (fixed set of values is allowed in the attribute). In the admin module, you can set the allowed values for the set attribute in the tab “SET values”. Each value has a name (displayed in OCR client) and can have another identifier (for example id of the value from the different system; this identifier can be exported).


OCRN-189 Finding the template after clicking on the document for a document without a template

In case the template for the document wasn’t found (the document is waiting in the queue for some time) and the user clicks on the document, the system will try to find the template from the set of newly created templates (templates newer than the document). This is useful if the document was processed by OCR sooner than the new template was created and is now waiting in the document list.


OCRN-350 Configurable set of extracting languages for workspace

In admin module, for workspace you can configure languages, which should be recognized on documents (tab “Workspace”). For workspaces where some set of particular languages is processed, setting just these languages for the workspace can increase the success of word extraction from the documents (limiting the number of languages to be recognized). If you are missing some language in the set of languages, please create the task for adding this language on http://support.socosit.cz.


OCRN-409 Offline activation

If the OCR is installed on a server with limited internet access or other restrictions, offline activation can be done by generating the code for offline activation from admin module.


OCRN-434 Multiline string attribute

In admin module, it is now possible to set the string attribute as multiline (set the height of string attribute). You can edit this in the field “Edit height ration”. Standard height of the attribute will be multiplied by this value (if you set the value 2.0 attribute will be 2x higher).


OCRN-460 Validation result is set by individual attribute results and the @Result variable

In the validation, it was necessary to set the state of the validation by the variable @Result (set to 0 every time when the validation should be evaluated as invalid). Now the validation is invalid (document can’t be exported) if the state of at least one attribute is set as invalid or variable @Result is set to 0 (for backward compatibility). Validations should be easier now (no need to set the variable @Result if some attribute is set as invalid).


OCRN-435 Modification for removing the dash “-“ from the string from the left (DeleteDashCharsFromLeft)

The modification "DeleteDashCharsFromLeft" was added for the attributes. This modification deletes all “-“ characters from the left.


OCRN-453 Custom XML export: possibility to set the export folder in a variable

For the Custom XML export, it is now possible to set the folder for the custom (XML) file. You can set the path in the ExportData5 parameter. By default, the file is saved to the output folder of the specific profile.


OCRN-470 Client: add the YDM date format for the template and validation

To the template date formats, the format YDM (year, day, month) was added.


OCRN-264 Add attribute default value “last exported value”

For attribute (table AttributeDefaultValue) it is now possible to set the default value "ValueFromLastDocByTemplate" which will set the value from the last document exported by the same template.


OCRN-427 Increase OCR speed when processing more documents

Document processing was changed (system of processing more document simultaneously).


OCRN-430 Client: hide attribute hint

Attribute hint (information about attribute) in the OCR client is not now displayed for the user without the “administrator” permission.


OCRN-433 MaxConcurrentOcrProcesses – configurable number of concurrent OCR processes/documents

In table OcrParams, value MaxConcurrentOcrProcesses, you can now set how many documents can be extracted simultaneously (i.e. how many CPU cores will be used for extracting. Default value is 2, for more powerful servers, you can try to increase this number to process the documents faster).


OCRN-436 OCR client – skip the attribute when switching by a TAB key (TabSkip)

In admin module, you can now set a “Skip attribute (TAB key)” for the attribute. When checked, this attribute will be skipped in the OCR client if the user is switching between attributes by thy TAB key. It is useful for less used attributes in the attribute list.


OCRN-439 BankAccount attribute modification isn’t adding the slash “/”

Attribute modification BankAccount was adding a slash before the fourth character from the end of the string (the format used in some countries). This was not suitable in the case when the bank account extraction is divided into two attributes – bank account number and bank code. Adding of the slash in this modification was removed.


OCRN-488 Client: movable window for selecting a template

If the window for selecting a template for the document is opened in the client, it is now possible to move the window (it is not fixed) so the user can still see the text in the document.


OCRN-424 DMS XML Export – name the output file with the attribute value

In the DMS XML export, it is now possible to set the output file name from the attribute value. In this case, the parameter ExportData must be set to “Rename” and in the parameter ExportData1, the DevIdAttribute of the attribute with the file name must be set.


OCRN-443 Redact paging – configurable “pagination” for the workspace

In the database, table Workspace, you can now set the attribute PageGroupSize for the workspace. The default value is 1000, minimal value 10. OCR Client will be displaying only the configured number of pages of the document at once (in one group of pages). This can be useful for Redact module or for workspaces where documents with more pages are processed (contracts, ..).


OCRN-473 Configurable text type for the profile

In the table Profile, attribute IdOcrTextType it is now possible to configure the type of extracted text (to increase the success rate of extracting special text types), one of this values can be set:

  • 1 Normal: common typographic type of text, default value
  • 2 Index: only digits written in ZIP-code style
  • 3 Typewriter: typed on a typewriter
  • 4 Matrix: printed on the dot-matrix printer
  • 5 Handprinted: handprinted text, extraction isn’t automatic for this type!
  • 6 OCR_A: monospaced font designed for OCR (used by banks etc.)
  • 7 OCR_B: font designed for OCR
  • 8 Receipt: sales receipts


OCRN-477 Attribute modification VATID – support for Spain and Netherland

Codes for the VAT id from Netherland and Spain were added to VatId attribute modification.


OCRN-449 FileOperations server – error when input file can’t be deleted

File in input folder which couldn’t be deleted (invalid, used by another process) caused errors in further document processing. This state was fixed.


OCRN-20 Error when displaying files in different formats/sizes

Error in displaying the document with different size/DPI was fixed.


OCRN-416 Error in creating the license table for counting the pages  

Error in creating the license table for pages was fixed. Values for some months were not created and it was necessary to reactivate the license.


OCRN-425 Client: Document list shows the documents from profiles for which the user doesn’t have a permission

Fixed. Document list shows only documents from profiles with set permission for the user.


OCRN-431 Admin module: error when creating an export for the profile which is not saved yet (new profile)



OCRN-440 Automatic export is not finished correctly

Automatic export was fixed – error due to changes in export definition.


OCRN-441 Attribute modification DeleteString deletes only the first occurrence of the configured value

Fixed, modification now deletes all occurrences of the configured string.